UFC: Conor McGregor gets ridiculed by fans in latest video clip

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Conor McGregor is still enjoying his time away from the Octagon, recently being snapped in Abu Dhabi partying, although that has led to fans ridiculing him for his antics.

Since his defeat to Dustin Poirier last year, Notorious has been kept away from fighting due to the leg break suffered that ended the fight earlier than the Irishman will have wanted.

Since then, McGregor has been up to his usual antics, trying to wind people up on social media, speaking out about UFC fights and fighters, although he often deletes his opinions quite sharpish, but not before it’s seen by plenty of people!

Conor McGregor UFC return

McGregor has claimed he will be returning to the UFC soon, but as of yet there is nothing officially announced, with Dana White admitting he will have to undergo the six months of drug testing prior to any fight.

It’s safe to say his transformation during his year away is ridiculous, not only has his beard been shaved off, but he also has changed shape considerably, so any return will likely see him move to a different weight class.

The former champ has been on a poor run of form as of late, losing three of his last four fights, which means fans have jumped on him for posing with a belt in Abu Dhabi.

Videos: Conor McGregor in Abu Dhabi with UFC belt

Conor McGregor ridiculed by fans for posing with UFC belt

Fans obviously ripped McGregor to shreds for his antics, taking to the replies to the above videos to slam McGregor for posing as the champ when he hasn’t fought for over a year and was on a dreadful run of form prior.

One fan said: “Bruhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Man really parading with his 2016 belt. I mean he’s taking the “once a champ always a champ” thing too far.”

Another commented: “Now this man walking around looking like a middle aged father with no beard, it really does make a difference.”

Someone else claimed: “I might walk around with my players’ player rugby trophies from when I was 13.”

Whilst another fan replied: “Everything wrong in one photo. The old belt, his size, no beard, the yellow shirt, him looking like he is full of booze and the rest again. I doubt he would even beat the old guys if he does come back. An advert for not what to do if you become super rich.”

Images: Tweets from UFC fans about Conor McGregor


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