She Wants To Get Married In Vegas But She Doesn’t Want To Have To Feed Her Guests

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A 33-year-old woman has been in a relationship with her 37-year-old fiancé for more than a decade, and he proposed to her 3 years ago.

Their relationship is interesting, but it’s unconventional. She said that they don’t have a romantic tale to tell about how they met, and they never actually dated one another.

“As a result, our relationship is very non-traditional,” she explained. “We don’t have a song or an anniversary and haven’t even traveled outside of our state because of toxic jobs.”

“He went on his first vacation as an adult just last year. We don’t even have nice pictures together. We picked out my engagement ring together, no proposal.”

“I sometimes feel like I missed out on the traditional relationship thing but the only thing that mattered was that we love each other deeply.”

Well, since they have been engaged for a bit, they’re now trying to put together their upcoming wedding, and her fiancé has no interest in eloping.

Her fiancé feels that they have not celebrated a lot of things that many traditional couples do, and so, it’s important to him that they have a real wedding.

While she and her fiancé have discussed their wedding at length, it seems to be a big waste to her to have a wedding in the first place.

The planning process is exhausting her as well, and at this point, she wants to get a $100 wedding dress and have her wedding in Las Vegas to keep the costs down.

rostov777 – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

“We want to invite people to a Vegas Weekend where we just so happen to get married,” she said.

“No invitation, no reception. We tell our families and friends the date and time. We will have our ceremony and go party somewhere on the strip with whoever joins us.”

“No one can say they weren’t invited. The whole trip (hotel, plane tickets, food, etc.) would cost us at least $10k less than a wedding.”

She and her fiancé never leave their state and so this kind of a wedding would be a huge deal for them.

She also likes that spending around $10,000 won’t put the two of them in any kind of debt.

The kicker here is that she would like to have essentially a wedding without calling it a wedding but she doesn’t want to have to feed her guests.

She told her mom about her plan, and her mom thinks it’s a terrible thing to do. Her mom says you can’t ask people to travel far to celebrate your marriage without at least offering them food.

Are you on her side or her mom’s on this one?

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