She Expects Her Sister To Not Go To An Ivy League College So That Their Parents Can Keep Paying For Her Kids’ Daycare

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A 25-year-old woman has a younger sister named Jess who just graduated from high school, and she got accepted into 2 different colleges.

One college that Jess got accepted into is a state school, and Jess got a full ride there which means if she went, she would not have to pay a dime.

The second college Jess got accepted into is a big deal Ivy League, and although Jess does qualify for some financial aid, she is going to have to come up with $10,000 a year to attend.

Well, their parents told Jess that they would pay for her to go to the Ivy League college, so that’s the one that Jess has picked.

“My parents recently sat me down and told me they would no longer be able to pay for my children’s daycare because they’re paying for Jess’s college,” she explained.

“Their excuse is that they paid similar amounts to my college. I am extremely frustrated because I went to the cheapest college available for me, and think Jess should have done the same.”

“We’re all proud of her, but I feel like she’s putting her ego over her nephews. We simply cannot afford daycare and I will likely have to quit my job, which may mean we could be evicted.”

Now, she and her husband have a 6-month-old son and a 3-year-old son, and she and her husband have been going through a very hard time with money.

She and her husband work jobs in the service industry, and it’s not easy for them to get any time off of work, so her mom and dad have been generously paying for their sons to go to daycare.

Mary Perry – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Obviously, this is all coming to an end since Jess is going to college, so she decided to call Jess and talk to her about it.

Over the phone, she asked Jess to cancel her plans to go to the Ivy League and instead reach out to the state college and see if she can still go there.

If Jess can’t go to the state college, she expects her to simply go for a gap year and wait. Jess said she would not do that, and she became mad at Jess.

She then accused Jess of being “immature” as well as “selfish” and although her husband is on her side, her mom and dad are furious with her and not taking any of her calls.

“…She can get a good education for free but there’s no free childcare. I feel like one is more important,” she added.

Do you think it’s reasonable of her to want Jess to go to the state college so her parents can keep paying for her sons to be in daycare?

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