SEMCAP Announces First Annual Impact Report and Adoption of Formal ESG Framework

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PHILADELPHIA, PA — SEMCAP announced the recent release of its inaugural Impact Report. Available by request at, the new report underscores SEMCAP’s commitment to accelerating the growth of its portfolio companies with the goal of generating strong returns while also having a positive impact on society and the environment. As a growth equity impact investor, SEMCAP is focused on investing in high growth, profitable companies leveraging seminal trends that drive significant impact across Healthcare, Food & Nutrition and Education.

“As seasoned investors, we’ve spent many years investing in and building companies that transform industries and change the way business is conducted. In launching SEMCAP, we resolved to expand on those efforts to build valuable companies with the greatest potential impact on humanity and the environment,” said Walter “Buck” Buckley, co-founder and co-CIO at SEMCAP. “The SEMCAP team developed a specific Impact Strategy that provides a lens through which we assess potential opportunities, drive growth, and over time, measure impact. We believe that our track record, coupled with this additional focus, will enable SEMCAP to both drive outsized business performance and facilitate a positive impact for generations to come.”

Highlights of the report illustrate the progress made by SEMCAP and its portfolio companies in 2021 and include:

  • Deployed more than $63 million of capital into impact-aligned companies
  • Added hundreds of jobs, including 303 net new hires across SEMCAP and its portfolio companies
  • Achieved greater than 25% diversity across SEMCAP and SEMCAP’s portfolio company management teams
  • Mitigated more than 52,700 tons of Co2
  • Supported 7.28 million organic/regenerative acres of land
  • Provided more than three million rides to medical and behavioral health visits
  • Awarded $24 million in total scholarship dollars to students as a result of SEMCAP portfolio company services

Working to embed impact into all facets of its strategy and investment process, SEMCAP is creating targets and commitments to ensure the team is leading the industry and investing in the companies of the future – today. Following extensive research and evaluation, SEMCAP’s Impact Committee worked with a third party ESG measurement consultant to establish an impact framework that aligns with Global ESG standards and to identify a set of meaningful KPIs for each investee with which to measure and report progress.

SEMCAP stated that it will continue to challenge its team and portfolio companies across its three verticals to lead the change needed. Importantly, SEMCAP is also committed to ensuring the firm’s internal practices and culture align with its social and environmental values.

In 2021, SEMCAP became a signatory of the UN Principles of Responsible Investing (UNPRI), a United Nations-supported international network of investors working together to implement six key principles. More recently, SEMCAP was honored to be invited to join the Impact Capital Managers community, a network of private capital fu…


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