Reality TV star apologises to Brits after Terry’s Chocolate Orange disaster goes viral

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A woman has apologised to the “entirety of the United Kingdom” after her nightmare mistake while trying a British delicacy for the first time.

Dancing with the Stars winner Jazz Thornton, from New Zealand, was given a Terry’s Chocolate Orange from her friend and decided to film a tasting video to share her thoughts on the nation’s favourite chocolate.

Her first take on British snack, however, did not end well with her video going viral for all the wrong reasons.

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Instead of the traditional way of scoffing the orange, Jazz went in teeth bared and bit into the side of it, a decision so embarrassing, she has now apologised for any distress caused.

Talking to Daily Star, she said: “It was my first time trying them and I have never seen them before in my life.”

Jazz was surprised by the weight of the chocolate orange as she thought it was just a shell

(Image: Jazz Thornton / SWNS)

The video shows Jazz unboxing the chocolate as she throws it in the air and catches it, saying: “Ooh, it’s quite heavy.

“I thought it’s gonna be, like, a shell.”

She unwraps the orange packaging to reveal the perfectly-cut “orange slices” and she tries to take a piece out.

She struggled to get a slice out and decided to bite into the whole 'orange'

(Image: Jazz Thornton / SWNS)

Instead of persisting at removing a slice, Jazz instead holds the entire orange and sinks her teeth into it.

When she takes a second bite, one of the slices comes off and she realises: “Nope, that’s definitely a slice. It just tastes like Jaffas.”

She gobbles it down and says: “Oh my God I want more of this!”

And while the snack may have hit the spot for Jazz, Brit viewers were horrified and distracted by the way she ate the chocolate.

One said: “I think every British person gasped at the same time when you went to take a bite out of it.”

“You did not just bite into it!” a second wrote in all caps while a third commented: “Please never bite into that again!”

The way to enjoy the confectionary is to 'tap it and unwrap it'

(Image: SWNS)

And a fourth penned: “Emotional damage! I’ve literally never seen anyone bite a chocolate orange. …


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