Pedri Explains why chose the ’26’ and launches a ‘wink’…

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Pedri González prepares to debut in the Glass of the World next Wednesday in front of Costa Rica. The Canarian, that is the main figure of the ‘Red’, has big expectations for the appointment mundialista. “Dream with something big in Qatar? It is what transmits us the míster. We want to be between the best. Claro that there are favourites that all the world thinks that they are above us, but have to work calm and think that will give us well“, declared in front of the microphones of ‘EFE’.

“The Eurocopa had a half end agridulce, but if you look for backwards think that did a good paper. We deserved us be in the final. It was sure that if we won this party won the Eurocopa by win them that had and the group that were. It is practically the same now. Have many win and illusion for doing a big paper”, signalled the midfield player, remembering the big performance of the combined national in the past Eurocopa.

On the other hand, Pedri explained the otivo whereby chose the dorsal ’26’, since this election generated controversy because of his big present. “In the Selection, the players choose number by internacionalidades. They choose first those that more time carry. When it touched me they remained a pair of numbers and the 26 liked me because I carried it in the Eurocopa and did not go me badly“, ensured the mediocentro, removing him ‘iron’ to the subject.

Likewise, it pronounced about Iniesta and the impact that has had in him during the last years. “Always I have looked videos of Iniesta. When it saw him do something tried it do and does not go out you as to him because Andrés is only. I remain me with the messages that wrote me when had the injuries; it said me that it was better and calm, recommended me that it worked and recovered me the before possible, but well. These words that say them to you the one who went on down the TV from pequeñito gives you a lot of strength”, aseveró.

His rival predilecto

Of equal form, González revealed to which selection expects to confront in the World-wide. “To the Selection that want to confront me expect that it was in a final. It would be Argentina, especially for playing against Leo and suffer it against, that never have suffered it. It would be a very beautiful memory. It is one of the favourites with France and Brazil, that have a lot of potential up, a lot of gunpowder. We will see what happen…


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