Jenny Hans Follow-Up Books to ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ Are Currently on Amazon & Less Than $10

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When we think of summer, we can’t help but let our minds wander to sunny days at the beach, reminiscing about summer loves, and curling up with a good book or binge-worthy TV series. Well, what if we told you there’s a way you can have all of those elements of the ideal summer? Thanks to author Jenny Han and the creative team behind the adaptation of her young adult novel The Summer I Turned Pretty , you and your tween will be set with summer reading and binging. While the TV iteration of Han’s beloved 2009 book is already streaming on Prime Video, you can prepare for what comes next with the follow-up books in the writer’s Summer series — and they’re both under $10 on Amazon .

While The Summer I Turned Pretty features a teenage love triangle between Isabel “Belly” Conklin and brothers Conrad and Jeremiah Fisher during one unforgettable summer in Cousins Beach, the two stories that come after really pull at the heartstrings — yes, even more than the first book and series adaptation! Trust us, much like the season that inspired the books, Han’s Summer series keeps getting better. So, what’s in store for Belly and the boys in It’s Not Summer Without You and We’ll Always Have Summer ?

Buy: ‘It’s Not Summer Without You’ by Jenny Han $9.36

We don’t want to reveal too much. After all, The Summer I Turned Pretty is a worthwhile read for this summer and a great coming-of-age story to boot. Just believe us when we tell you that Belly’s relationships with Jeremiah and Conrad grow more complicated as the trio get older. All of this is covered in Han’s follow-up books.

Buy: ‘We’ll Always Have Summer’ by Jenny Han $9.31

It’s Not Summer Without You picks up with Belly after the events of The Summer I Turned Pretty and, you guessed it, the story takes place back at the beach. Then in We’ll Always Have Summer , Belly learns the deepest pain of heartbreak as the series concludes. We know you’re always looking for a good read (whether it’s for yourself or someone else), and now that summer is in full swing, these books are the perfect way to wholly enjoy that summertime mindset! If you already own or watched the adaptation of The Summer I Turned Pretty , make sure you add these two books to your cart. At less than $10 each, you’ll be totally set for summer.

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