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The risk of getting pregnant from the leak of pre-cum is pretty low, but — it is possible.

Pre-ejaculation is a fluid that comes out when your partner is turned on. However, pre-oozing is something that you cannot control. Though pre-cum has hardly any sperm, there are still chances for you to get pregnant. Because there might be chances to release sperm in pre-cum in your vagina, it might get fertilized with an egg. 

In this blog, we will discuss in detail pre-cum, and How Often Can Pre-cum Cause Pregnancy?. There are a couple of ways you can also prevent yourself from getting pregnant. 

What is Pre-cum?

There is a plethora of studies that illustrate that pre-cum is the fluid that comes before ejaculation. It releases from the bulbourethral gland, also known as Cowper’s gland, in the prostate. Though a few studies needed to know how much pre-cum varies, people hardly produce 5 mL on average. 

Pre-cum is a fluid that balances out the pH and provides the environment to sperm that helps them to survive in an acidic vagina. According to Dr. Creinin, pre-cum is the start of ejaculation. 

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How Often Can Pre-cum Cause Pregnancy –

According to the World Health Organization, the chances of getting pregnant through pre-cum is about 20%. Though you are using withdrawal methods, there are chances to conceive. In a 2013 study, 27 participants were there, and 41% of males had sperm pre-cum, with 37% having motile sperm. However, this needs to be studied further. 

Undoubtedly, it also depends upon the female partner of its fertility window. There are around 6-days that have a high chance of getting pregnant, which occurs in the middle of the cycle. Even if a person uses the withdrawal technique, there is still a 4% chance of pregnancy that can occur. 

How did someone get Pre-cum?

There is no doubt that there are fewer, but you can get pregnant through pre-cum only. So, you never know when pre-cum has sperm, and your egg gets fertilized. Using a barrier method is an effective method to avoid conception. As I have discussed earlier, that fertile window is that period where the chances are major. The fertile period occurs just before ovulation. However, I want to point out that during menstruation, there is unlikely to be pregnancy. Still, there are some changes.  

What are the potential causes Pre-cum?

Pre-cum is important to lubricate the vagina and decrease irritation during intercourse. When pre-cum starts releasing, it is time to alert yourself, and it’s time for withdrawal. It contains a nutritional value that helps the sperm to survive in it. If you try to use any alternatives to reduce the pre-cum, you might get problems. 

It is a natural lubricant that should be important to come before ejaculation. Do not get conscious of how you can control it. Moreover, it is difficult to control ejaculation. 

How can you prevent yourself from getting Pregnant?

  • If someone encounters pre- cum then the best method is to prevent themselves from taking contraceptive pills. In this way, you get secure from getting pregnant. 

  • Moreover, you can also use condoms to prevent HIV/STDs. This is the best barrier method in which you will not get infected by any disease during intercourse. Thus, you also prevent yourself from getting pregnant. 

  • There is only a 1% risk of getting pregnant if you use IUDs . It is one of the best techniques to prevent yourself from conceiving.

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FAQs –

When does precum occur?

When a male partner gets aroused sexually, and then the pre-cum or fluid occurs just before the ejaculation. It is a natural lubricating fluid to reduces irritation.

Can pre cum happen anytime?

This can happen at any time if you are sexually aroused.

How do you know if Pre cum came out?

You may feel thick lubricating liquid coming out from the tip of the penis; however, in the heat of the moment, you may not spot the pre cum and other things. Pre cum is involuntary, and you can not control it.

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