Growing concerns about day care safety after recent allegations of abuse in Waukesha County

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Growing concerns about day care safety after recent allegations of abuse in Waukesha County

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — In the last month, two Waukesha County daycare teachers have been arrested for alleged child abuse. It’s raising concerns for parents in Milwaukee who say abuse at any facility in unacceptable.

For parents with concerns, there are some warning signs. The Wisconsin Dept. of Children and Families says some initial red flags include the following:

  • Changes in overall behavior
  • Unexplained marks or bruises
  • Sudden fear or anxiety about going to day care

One mom told us her daughter suddenly became scared to go to child care and that prompted her to pull her out completely.

“Dropping her off she grabbed onto me and that was an alarm to me…so I didn’t go to work,” said Eloisa Patron.

Another Milwaukee mom, Shanice Williams, is expecting her fifth child soon and shared what she’s looking for in a day care. She wants a nurturing environment.

Williams says the recent reports about abuse in Waukesha are unfortunate.

“It’s sad to see that other kids are getting harmed and that makes you want to love your kid even more,” said Williams.

Other caregivers shared the importance of choosing wisely when it comes to child care.

“That’s your child. Something happens to them; you can’t replace them,” said James Ouimet, a Milwaukee grandfather who helps out with child care for his grandkids.

Cornella Marks says she’s happy with the day care she chose for her son, but she was very careful when making her decision. She’s encouraging other parents to do some extra research to ensure your child is at a safe facility.

“Don’t just pick a day care and just drop your kid off and hope and pray that they’re okay. Take one day out of work and just see what they do every day and when the teacher gets frustrated, see how they react towards the child,” said Marks.

Resources for finding safe child care:

Wisconsin Department of Children and Families

ChildCareFinder (

Child Care Search – Supporting Families Together Association

Families are also encouraged to search for possible complaints before making a choice, and the Better Business Bureau can also be an additional resource for vetting a child care facility.

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